Saas Inventory Management vs Web Based Inventory System

Software as a Service (SaaS) and web applications are two terms you see all the time now. When evaluating the right option to implement in your business, you have to know the similarities and differences between the two’s to choose the perfect one based on your business.

What is SaaS (Software as a Service) inventory management?

Saas means Software as a service is a pre-developed virtual platform accessible via the internet using a smartphone, tab, laptop, or desktop. Saas Inventory management companies give this virtual platform services for managing your inventory operations like purchases, receipts, products, stocks, sales, returns, adjustments, and other inventory-related activities.

What is web-based inventory management?

Web-based applications mean the applications hosted on an online server that may be Saas or custom developed. Saas is also a web application, but web applications may be Saas or not. Simply web application is an application hosted on an online server.

SaaS vs Web Based Inventory Management

You can see that Saas and web-based applications are closely related but have different terms.

With Saas inventory management, an application is already developed. You pay a subscription to create an account or access or log in on their account and manage inventory operations data like purchases, sales, stocks, etc. Users don’t have the responsibility of maintaining the Software; Saas software applications are developed and maintained by provider companies and hosted on a server. You are given access to your data on those servers via the internet. One drawback of SaaS software is that you can lose some control over the management and customization of the application.

On the other hand, a Web-based inventory system refers to an application hosted on a server that may be a saas application or a custom developed application. Simply web-based means that it works as a website and gets access via domain or IP address using the internet.

As you can see, SaaS is one type of web application where web-based applications may be Saas or not, but both two are online applications and accessible using the internet.

Compare Saas vs Web Based Inventory Management System:

CompareSaas InventoryWeb Based Inventory
AccessibilityUsing the internetUsing the internet
DevelopmentPre-developedPre-developed, custom developed
UsersDeveloping for multi-usersDepend on development
PricingCheaper than custom developIf Saas, cheaper. For custom development high
DevelopedProviderProvider, 3d party, or own IT department
MaintainProviderProvider, 3d party, or own IT department
CustomizationDisable, may be enabled in feature levels in little scaleMaybe disable, or enable in both feature or development.
TrainingProvided by the providerProvided by the provider, 3d party, or own IT department
SupportProvided by the providerProvided by the provider, 3d party, or own IT department

Benefits of Saas inventory management:

Saas services come with new opportunities with affordable pricing for SMEs. Well research features, develop, maintain, and seamlessly updated by expert professionals, and give training and supports without additional fees.

Well researched and rich-featured:

Saas inventory managements are well researched and developed by expert professionals. Features are proven and well structured and easy user interface.

Affordable pricing:

You can find saas services with affordable pricing. A saas product is developed for many users and for that it’s possible to give good features and services with affordable pricing. Developing the same type of software is so expensive for research, development, security, and setup issues.

Maintenance by the providers:

Providers maintain saas services. Server set up, maintenance bugs, and security seamlessly update features and all tasks done by the providers. It needs expert professionals and IT experts for these tasks. Developing the same type of applications is expensive and not realistic for SMEs with a self-inventory management system. SMEs have their own business, they don’t have an IT expert team, and Saas is the right solution to manage their inventory activities.

Training and support provided by the providers:

Implementing a software system needs to train employees and provide regular support for different types of issues. Saas service providers are given these services without additional fees.

Benefits of Web-based inventory system:

Web-based applications may be Saas or custom developed. In the case of Saas, I discuss the benefits above. Here, I discuss the benefits of custom web-based inventory management systems.

Custom features:

Businesses from businesses, strategies, policies, and requirements for inventory management are different. And saas services are not able to provide features based on demands. In these cases, custom system development is the only solution to align with business requirements.

Have more independence:

In terms of features, maintenance, or other issues in saas service, you have to depend on the providers. But in custom system development, you have the independence of what you want and how to want…?

Expensive but flexible:

Custom systems are expensive. You may develop a system for 3rd party companies, or you may have your own IT expert teams. In both cases, it’s costly. But if you are a big entrepreneur, probably you have the ability, and here you get more flexibility because the system is developed based on your requirements.

Common benefits for both Saas and Web-based inventory systems:

Saas and Web-based inventory systems both are online applications and have common benefits as online applications.


Saas and Web-based inventory systems both are online applications hosted on a web server. Here, you can enter, edit, delete, and track real-time data based on user permissions. So, it’s accessible anywhere at any time if you have an internet connection and a device like a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Real-time data:

In online applications, data is updated instantly. So, you can get here real-time stock updates, orders, packing, shipping, delivery, and fulfilment status.

Integrations and Unification:

In this modern age, eCommerce businesses are doing well and growing rapidly. Integrations are unified all eCommerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, and woo-commerce by real-time data synchronizing. And you can manage all your inventory activities in one single unified platform. Sometimes, it needs to integrate other applications like QuickBooks, zero, salesforce, etc. And online platforms make it easy to integrate with others


Saas inventory management is a previously developed application to manage inventory activities that are also a web application perfect for SMEs. SMEs should choose the right one based on their demands and budgets. On the other hand, web-based applications refer to web applications that may be Saas or custom developments. Custom web inventory systems are perfect for big enterprises which have abilities to bear expensive systems and opportunities to get good ROI(Return on investment).

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